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Tracing the descendants of an individual...what is the purpose?

Say you are the Gt. Gt. grandchild of emigrants who settled in what is now your country of origin. Your Gt. grandparents and their siblings, your grandparents and their siblings, your parents and their siblings (your uncles and aunts) and finally yourself and your siblings all being descended from the original settler...your Gt. Gt. grandfather. However, this emigrant may well have left behind many siblings of his own in the mother country! It is the descendants of these individuals, the one's who remained in the mother country who are also your living relatives.

If your Gt. Gt. grandfather (the emigrant) had three brother's, all of whom remained in the mother country and each of the four brother's had four sons, that calculates that sixteen sons have been born. Four of the sons are of the emigrant but the remaining twelve sons are of the three brother's who remained in the mother country. However, each set of sons are the first cousins to the other sets of sons.

Tracing the descendants of your own direct ancestors siblings can bring living relatives together, whether they are closely related such as first cousins or a little less so such as fourth, fifth or sixth cousins or even cousins four, five or six times removed! Often is the case when you have identified such living relatives that they too might also have been involved with tracing the ancestry of the family further back in time...what a joy it would be, not only to identify a living relative but also to find that this person has also been researching the family further back in time and they have actually been able to trace the family ancestry further back in time than yourself.

Each descendant tracing project will commence from a different point in time and will of course depend upon how far back in generations we are to commence with researching the family forward, for this reason it is deemed that our hourly rate is the most appropriate.

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