Sources We Cover

Sources We Cover

Primary Sources

In recent times, the ease of access which has come about due to the on-line availability of sources such as census returns and other primary records has led to all manner of new organisations springing up who offer to research, or rather 'look up', these readily available resources. However, for the most part, these services do not conduct and likely do not have the expertise to conduct a programme of intensive research on behalf of a client.

At English Family Origins we offer a great deal more and whilst we are perfectly at ease in welcoming the Internet revolution that has made many sources more accessible, these on-line sources represent but a small proportion of the actual archival material that is available to the knowledgeable genealogical investigator. There is a wealth of archival material held, both on a local town or city basis and on a wider county basis but which often requires specific expertise and local knowledge to locate, identify and interpret. By way of our network of experienced genealogical investigators and researchers our coverage includes but is by no means confined to the following classes of record:

English Ancestry

  • civil registration records (indices to births, marriages and deaths), from 1837 to the present
  • census enumerators returns for 1841-1911 and occasionally the earlier returns of 1801-1831
  • original parish registers and other records of the parish from 1538 to the present
  • nonconformist records (Independents, Methodists, Baptists, Quakers, Jewish, etc.)
  • marriage bonds and allegations
  • Bishop’s transcripts and other diocesan records
  • wills and other probate documents
  • military records
  • professional records
  • manorial records
  • apprenticeship and other guild records
  • Poor Law documents
  • local, regional and national newspapers
  • electoral registers and poll books
  • court records such as Chancery Proceedings
  • property deeds
  • various tax returns such as hearth tax and land tax
  • Heraldic visitations and other early published pedigrees
  • commercial, trade and street directories and early telephone directories
  • monumental inscriptions
  • village, town and city histories and other local and regional topographical volumes
  • and many other records which are simply unavailable to the casual on-line or 'armchair' researcher who may never have ventured into or intend to venture into an archival repository to examine original records.