About Us

About Us

English Family Origins...born out of a thirty-five year passion for conducting quality genealogical research.

Many years of experience by our resident research professional together with localised access to a countrywide network of national, county and local archival repositories is at our disposal to assist us in revealing the history of your family.

Our professional approach to researching your family history requires us to make full use of all available genealogical resources and techniques both old and new and in this regard English Family Origins offers first class expertise and experience in the field of genealogical research.

We can commence researching your family from scratch or if you have been conducting your own research and have hit the ubiquitous 'brick-wall', our researchers can quality check your work to date, thereby confirming the accuracy of your family tree. If appropriate, suggestions for further avenues of research can be made or indeed, we can confirm that you have arrived at the end of the road for a particular line...it does happen. All of this can be done via the submission of your research notes and documentation.

Our researchers will deal with the areas where you have hit a brick-wall, including a search for that elusive ancestor, or obtaining material from specialist archives. We can build your family tree from scratch based on evidence from primary sources and in association with social and historical information.

At English Family Origins we provide a high-quality, professional research service for anyone with English ancestry. A choice of research projects is available, each of which will provide you with an authoritative and meticulously presented account of your English family history.